The Roots – One of the Greatest Hip Hop Groups Ever!

The new Roots album hits stores June 22, 2010 and you better cop it. With many of the rap artists all about the cash, cars and shorties (yeah, I know that’s been way played out but someone likes it). One group continues to stand above the fray to produce good music. Their success is not in ring tones and iced out platinum but with inspiring lyrics and dope music. Unlike most hip hop acts, all the albums produced by The Roots are largely with live instruments, meshing jazz, blues and soul with a little poprock. And what an inspiring way to create music… with instruments and lyrics that read like the best urban poets of our generation. Mixing upbeat messages, hood tales of bravado with reports of political and cultural clashes. Theirs is a musical legacy that encouraged Marvin Gaye to ask, “What’s going on?” It was a legacy which had meaning and evoked action. One that was a part of a cultural history way before we were invited to these shores.

Remember when Public Enemy and other artist like KRS One were the voice of urban youth. Remember when our hip hop artist were the CNN of the hood. They’re not all gone or have a realty show on VH1, many are still around and even new ones have emerged. Out of the ashes of gangsta rap and coast to coast beefs, came The Roots. With more than a finger on pulse of the streets and suburban communities of the global urban landscape. Along with Mos Def, Common, Talib Kweli and Dead Presidents (all east coast rapper might I say), they bring truth to knowledge and knowledge to truth. If you don’t believe me, peep the new video from their first single, How I Got Over. Check it out and tell me if I’m wrong!


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